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The results of the grafting of various diseases

The results of the studies summarized in released collection, allow us to recommend for use in practice in the clinic of a set of methods and techniques when performing surgical operations produced by the abdominal wall and the abdominal organs, urology, maxillofacial, vascular surgery, traumatology.

The most favourable way of autoplastic when you close postoperative muscle-aponeurotic defects of the abdominal wall of the abdomen, according to the data obtained, may is the creation of duplicatory abdominal-muscle-aponeurosis flaps. With huge and large postoperative ventral educated hernias should also to increased autodermal plastic.

The conclusions of some of the work that in the performance of real operations implemented on hollow organs seguradora the gastrointestinal tract, especially proizvodima in high-risk surgical procedure, it is advisable to use methods of reinforcement stitches autoplastichesky materials — demulsibility intestinal fragments, pieces of mesentery. Autoplastic gland, round ligament of liver tissue from the parietal peritoneum is indicated for suturing wounds of the liver.

For replacement of defects of the gastric wall and adjacent duodenum can be used autograft of the small intestine to the vascular pedicle.

Fairly positive results prosmatrivayutsya when performing plastic surgery in urology laser, that allows to recommend it for a more practical implementation in clinical practice.

Based on the study of the recovery operations to the urethra local fabrics with hypospadias concluded definitely their high efficiency. When vesico-vaginal formations-the fistula is recommended transvesical method plastics with the use of a flap of peritoneum and WITH laser.


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