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The reviews on hair extensions: what is truth and what is myth

Отзывы по наращиванию волосHaving decided to extend its own strands, most women pre-collect feedback on hair extensions in all possible ways. It can be personal impressions girlfriends, the information extracted from the media, advice from professional artists, as well as reading comments left by clients a salon. But despite all the obtained data should be proactive and learn about what is truth and what is outright fiction.

In recent years the most popular procedure is microcapsule lengthening hair in a cold way. Experts recommend this method because it allows you to without risk to the health of your own hair to give it the desired length. But despite this the people there are many myths and feedback regarding cold capacity, requiring refutation:

After the procedure, the head will not be able to fully wash out, so you have to constantly go with unkempt hair and oily loose strands. Actually it’s not, you just need to do it carefully, slowly running water and shampooing, apply gently, gently;
Nonnative hair cannot be combed. It is also misleading, but for a more comfortable brushing, it is desirable to use a special comb and never go to bed with unseasoned head. Generally, it is best for the holidays to collect hair in a braid;
During the procedure, it is possible to obtain chemical and thermal burns. This is an absolute fallacy, when cold hair extensions are exposed to a minimum temperature, and the quality of the glue used to fix them, is hypoallergenic and does not irritate even the most sensitive skin of the head;
After removal of the artificial hair can be completely oblasti. This is perhaps the most common myth that has no justification. Strands gently cleaned masters in beauty and the adhesive is completely removed, so their hair is almost not affected;
After the procedure, you can forget about bathing in the sea, sauna or swimming pool. This rule does not apply qualitative Slavic strands attached using microcapsules. They are not afraid of water with impurities, so visit your favourite places is absolutely fearless, but first it is better to consult his master, who, most likely, will just recommend them carefully washed from the precipitated salt;
Extended hair are very different from one’s own. If the procedure was carried out in a professional Studio with an experienced master, he skillfully hides all the details so that even a specialist glance will not be able to distinguish between “fake”;
The most terrible feedback, which you can find online is that the material taken from cadavers. But this is sheer nonsense for this is to enable the mind to think – where to find so many dead with strands of desired length, and which will allow them to cut. Therefore, such comments are not even worth paying attention to.

Deciding to change your appearance for the better, you should not blindly trust unverified information, it is better just to come in reliable working is not the first year the salon, and get advice from a professional hairdresser.

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