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The slow food, or why we should not hurry while eating

Слоу-фуд или почему не нужно спешить во время едыThe main drawback of modern life is a constant rush, lack of free time. We quickly have a snack and hurry on. It is fraught with the constant accumulation of fatigue, stress and spoils health.
Once having decided to eat slowly, you’ll wonder how you will change your life. It’s quite simple. Just bite off a small bite of food and chew slowly, enjoying. You will spend just a few extra minutes for food, but it will lead to positive change.
Movement slow food (slow food) appeared in Italy a few decades ago. The movement said in addition to food, a change of way of life in General. Promoting slow food, the movement posits several provisions that should be familiar to all.
1. Maintaining optimal weight. The researchers found that the slow food decreases the amount of calories consumed. That’s enough to lose about 10 kg per year. The food and menu can not be changed. This is because the human brain needs 20 minutes to realise that the body was sated. With the rapid pace of eating, the brain does not have time to determine that the body had enough, and we continue. Thorough chewing gives me time to feel fuller.
2. The pleasure of food. This is a fairly good reason. It is difficult to enjoy the food, swallowing it in big pieces and bad chewing. Even if it is marginally useful food, nothing. If you like fried, pizza, sweet, what’s the point to swallow it quickly? If you chew carefully, you will get the same pleasure, but will eat fewer unhealthy foods.
3. Optimization of digestion. Thorough mastication improves digestion, relieves stomach. Because the digestion of food begins in your mouth.
4.  The ability to handle stress. Focus on chewing food will become a wonderful exercise for the development of concentration. And focus on eating will allow you to let go of negative thoughts, relax.

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