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The sweet life: how to replace sugar

чем заменить сахарSugar our brain identified as the main taste! Sweet – so delicious. Our brain is the most important thing in this product is its nutritional value. Because in 100 grams of sugar there are 390 calories and in just one teaspoon 20! When blood sugar levels are quite normal, our brain happy. Exactly what happens when we ate or drank something sweet.
It’s been two hours after eating and blood sugar levels have dropped, so the brain signals again – it’s time to eat something! Hunger in our brain is controlled by reducing the level of sugar in the blood, we run, we eat, drink juice and brain happy!
The level of sugar is the main control our appetite! When the sugar is reduced from 200 mg to 70, some people may lose consciousness!
The rise in blood sugar above normal provokes serious diseases – diabetes, vision loss, obesity.
Sugar should be normal (3,5-5,5 mmol). However, the rules in each laboratory may be different, depending on the techniques, you should always look at the rates specified on the form! These changes are always minimal!
Foods with the highest glycemic index – all products made of white flour, sweets, rice, beets, carrots, potatoes, sugary sodas and store-bought juice. These products make us the whole time!
In the body sugar can turn into energy, and may in fat! From one molecule of glucose there is two molecules of fat!
Vegetable substitutes sugar is fructose, sorbitol, xylitol. If you compare the caloric content of glucose and fructose, it is the same, although fructose gives a more sweet taste, but for its processing still require insulin. So there is no direct replacement yet!
Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfam, cyclamate, saccharin.
Saccharin is 500 times sweeter than sugar, but it can be carcinogenic – causes cholelithiasis, gallbladder cancer.
Cyclamate – product of oil refining, which is sweeter than sugar tenfold permitted in 55 countries, banned in the USA since 1969! There is an assumption that causes cancer, so pregnant women are strictly prohibited!
Aspartame is very dangerous, as it is incredibly of hermeneutical and then decomposes into formaldehyde. This placeholder is added to all sugary drinks, juices!
Acesulfam add in ice cream, cakes, pastries. Proven carcinogenic effect on the body!
Purchasing sugary drinks and juices without added sugar”, know that they all contain artificial sweeteners!
Products that provides our body with sugar, bread from wheat flour, fresh bran, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits, berries.

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