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The symptoms of weakened immunity

Weakened immunity first effect on General health: malaise, weakness, fatigue, tiredness, chills, insomnia at night and daytime sleepiness, aching muscles, headaches, bad mood. Can also change their taste preferences, for example, appears craving for sweets.
If you see inflammation on the skin, lesions, carbuncles, boils, cold sores, peeling is a signal that you need vitamins to boost the immune system.
Normal healthy color of skin has a pink tint. A significant decrease in immunity can be seen on the pale skin.
Also on the reduction of immunity may indicate characteristics such as the appearance of under-eye blue, swelling and bags. But the symptoms still are signs of trouble in the kidneys, heart and liver.
The drug may be necessary if your hair starts to become thin, dull, drop out, become ragged nails, thin, flake, fade and break down – all this is a sign of problems with the immune system. Also pay attention on how fast the nails grow – if the immune system is reduced, the growth of the nails are practically invisible.
If a person has a good immune system, it will be easy to get sick, and if they get sick, then quickly recovers. Lowered immunity is exacerbation of chronic diseases, the emergence of endless trouble with health, every virus resonates in your body, also not minutes and fungal infections.
About your immune system you need to take care of yourself: take vitamins, balanced diet and substitute vegetable fats animal and consult a doctor who will do all the necessary tests and assignments.

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