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The technique of aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy

Методика эстетической медицины: мезотерапия In aesthetic medicine mesotherapy ranks as effective therapy. The procedure is administered orally under the skin of various drugs in the smallest doses. The procedure was so named, because at the time of its implementation, in the mesodermal layer of the skin administered drugs.
The principle of this procedure is to address the impact on the cells of the skin. For each patient, depending on the problem, drugs are chosen individually. So with the help of injections of drugs directly into the problematic area. The number of procedures and the composition of the injection depends on the patient’s age and indications. All strictly individually. Prescribed most often the procedure in a month and a half, and if to support the effect, the procedure in a month to 6 months.
What can be treated with mesotherapy?
Every person have identical problems with the skin. This therapy can solve many problems. Such as: wrinkles, acne (not worsening), age-related changes, dry and porous oily skin, lowering the tone of the body and face. As well as the loss of facial contours, prevention of hair loss, cellulite treatment, rehabilitation after plastic surgery, vitamin deficiency, stress, scars.
Who is not allowed to perform the procedure?
Most importantly, what is not in pregnancy and lactation to mesotherapy. If you have an Allergy to drugs used in the procedure. Diseases in the acute stage – this refers to the skin. Febrile illness.

Методика эстетической медицины: мезотерапия
What are the components used for these injections?
Co-enzymes, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, K, E, C. Also in the injection composition can include antioxidants, minerals, amino acids.
This therapeutic procedure. Mesotherapy gives a natural and quite lasting effect, it is also possible with other cosmetic programs to combine. For example, laser and chemical peels, the introduction of botulinum toxin and fillers.
What result do you expect?
After this therapy, you will be much better and younger look, as if reborn. For example, enhancing the color, elasticity will increase, wrinkles will be gone, hydration, stimulation of your cells, mineral balance to recover.
Side effects.
After each procedure, the cosmetic may be the innocuous side. These may include: swelling (day), microkeratome (2-3 days), slight redness (1-2 days).

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