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The treatment of burns

Discomfort from burns cannot simply be described in words. Depending on the area and power losses we may have a slight redness, which can be obtained, even having been only a few minutes under the scorching sun, and more serious problems. And danger await us at every corner – boiling water, hot appliances, fire and more. Once is enough to burn yourself, as it is to be remembered for life, and next time think twice before you touch the hot.

However, it is not always possible to foresee the situation at hand so it’s helpful to have a tool for healing burns to quickly respond to the injury and try to alleviate the situation. As you know, after burn skin tissue, primarily, take damage, so the application of special creams and ointments will be a great relief from the pain, at least for a while.

From high temperatures suffer superficial tissue, nerve cells are particularly sensitive and are constantly on their toes, to remove which can only antiseptic.

Although the behavior of burns on the body it seems, in fact, they also differ in the sources of origin, for example, there are the usual burns from hot or fire, or, for example, chemical burns, which occur due to neglect safety work with chemicals or reagents, and, of course, sunburn. In the area of the lesion can be divided into some groups. Another criterion for determining degree burn may be the depth of the lesion.

These and other signs are to determine the degree of burn. The first degree is the easiest; the fourth is considered the most severe. Under such severe burns a person’s life may be in danger and its treatment is considered the most long and arduous.

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