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The use of clippers on the production

The clippers used for closing (packaging) food fillers in a variety of shell (raw-milk production, meat products, meat products, etc.). This is done after the cutter vacuum will process the meat into a homogeneous mass. Packaging is carried out by means of special clips, which plays the role of a clip. The principle and methods of work, the clippers are commonly subdivided into:

Pneumatic and mechanical (manual)
Automatic and semi-automatic

The use of pneumatic and mechanical clippers

Pneumatic and mechanical clippers used for clipping different sausages in artificial and natural membranes, as well as some other products in the nets and bags. These clippers are able to work with all types of membranes, the diameter of which varies from 4 to 12 inches. For artificial membranes clipper provides bond “overlap”, and for a natural joint in the joint”.

The use of semi-automatic clipping machines

Semi-automatic use clippers for clipping different sausage products, which also include garlands and sausage rings, both in artificial and natural membranes. Semi-automatic clipping machines capable of working with all types of membranes, the diameter of which ranges from 2 to 11.5 inches. These clippers are able to provide a regulated pressure in the clip. Complete with semi-automatic clipping machines are pneumatic brakes for the shell, capable of providing dense filling of the case with a constant diameter; automatic feeder loops for vertical hanging sausages; distributor of staples; the transmission device and the electrical connection to the syringe, and other items.

The use of automatic clipping machines

Using automatic clipping you should be fastened most types of sausages, including garlands and sausage rings, artificial and natural casings. Automatic clipper for sausage able to work with all types of shells, whose diameter does not exceed 18 inches. Automatic clipping machines made of steel, provided with a displacer for emptying the tips of the sausage casing from the stuffing, as well as provide them with full control over clip clips. This type of clippers is very simple in operation. In the delivery set includes a brake for the shell, providing a dense filling of the compartment with a constant diameter, remote control, counter portions, the distributor of staples. To the list of supplies you can also add automatic device, the feed loop for vertical hanging sausages, the transmission device and the electrical connection to the syringe. Often the package get quick spool with special shaped clips.

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