«Мэри Бэль»

The use of the Russian bath for beauty and health

Russian bath is a wonderful way to not only relax, but also to activate metabolic processes, rejuvenate the body, bring harmful toxins, clean the skin to stay young, to normalize weight and become slim. Good wooden bath, which is held screw piles or powerful band Foundation, can stand for centuries, to serve as a faith-true for many decades.

Advantages of Russian baths

Main features traditional Russian bath – it’s the heat and high humidity. In combination with pairs of natural wood, massage brooms bath can work wonders with health. In the steam room is an oven, on top of which lie the stones. When they are inflamed, they watered, which adds healing herbal teas.

Benefit from the bath

Russian sauna has beneficial effects on the immune system. The fact that at high temperature, which in the bath can reach 80 degrees, kill most harmful bacteria and viruses. The air in the sauna sterile.
Due to the high heat and humidity to the upper layers of the epidermis rush blood, increases perspiration, pores dilate, the skin begins to “breathe”. Activation of metabolic processes, reduces weight, reduces cellulite. Regular trips to the bath to reduce the risk of heart attack.
FYI baths

But in order for the effect of the campaigns in the bath was necessary to observe a few simple rules. Then it doesn’t matter what it is, selected bath: old wooden set screw on the Foundation, or the urban public. So, the rules are the following:

Do not go to bath after a hearty lunch or dinner.
Increase the heat and the time spent in the steam room gradually.
After a bath it is better to drink non-carbonated mineral water or weak tea, eat some fresh fruit.

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