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Therapy and method in cosmetology by changing the overall human condition: Vacuum therapy

Терапия и метод в косметологии по изменении общего состояние человека: Вакуум-терапияWhat processes occur during therapy?

Occurs loosening, absorption and softening of scar tissue. The formation of edema and extravasation. There is stimulation of prostaglandin, kinin, endorphin, histamine. Elimination and reduction of the stagnation of venous-lymphatic in deep and superficial tissues of the skin. Relaxation of the tissue layers. High frequency and active enforcement of pumping in the tissues of the biological fluids. In the impact zone is the concentration and accumulation of biological fluids.

How is the therapy?

Typically, during therapy, vacuum applied to 10 cans on different areas of the body. For example, neck, forehead, cheeks, above the collarbone, under the collarbone, chest front wall. Banks are about 30 mm in diameter. With the help of an alcohol torch in the Bank create the discharged air. The vacuum in the banks is up to 100 mm of mercury.St. once in the banks created the necessary conditions of their leave on the skin from 5 seconds to 25 minutes, change the location at intervals of 0.5-1-3-5 minutes.

It should constantly monitor the skin inside cans, as can be formed extravasate because of periodic move and reduce the vacuum. Especially worth keeping an eye on during the first procedure. 10-20 min leave banks on the skin, if there are problem areas. Due to the prolonged use of cans on the skin, condensation can form. It stimulates the pores, blood flow, stimulate the sebaceous glands. After completion of therapy workspace complete strokes. The person put the napkin, which tend to remove sebum secretion and oil residues. The duration of the procedure can be up to one hour. In the course of therapy includes 15 procedures, they can be done several times a week. After completion of the course, it is necessary once a month to undergo the procedure, but it’s all individual.

What’s going on with your skin?

During exposure to vacuum the stimulation of collagen and his education, loosening of elastin and collagen fibers, improving elasticity. Therapy makes lifting. There is a reduction, smoothing, or even the disappearance of wrinkles. The skin becomes smooth, pink, velvety, supple and pleasant to the touch.

Also during therapy happens vacuum cleaning. Then there is the removal of sebum and blackheads mechanically. As the vacuum increases the pressure in the sebaceous glands, then emptying them.
Терапия и метод в косметологии по изменении общего состояние человека: Вакуум-терапияWhat awaits you after a relaxing treatment?
In almost all cases, the patient relaxes and falls asleep. There is a huge heat surge. Skin seems to be elastic as a ball, these feeling will last for several days. Tightened the muscles of the face and deep wrinkles disappear. Markedly increase tone. A person acquires a clear form. The eyelids, the eyebrows and the corners of his mouth lifted. But not only the impact occurs on the face and body, but also there is a beneficial effect on the psychosomatic condition of the client. During the procedure reduced pressure and slows the heart rate by 20 beats. After the procedure you will feel a surge of energy, a desire to live an active life.
What changes after therapy?
Fixed the results of the procedures. Notice the reduction of swelling, strengthening the skeleton muscles, a person acquires a precise shape and lose weight. The skin looks young and healthy.
The elderly noticed the fresh and smooth appearance, disappears hyperkeratosis.
After a few treatments you will notice that less and less edema and extravasate – this is the process of reducing congestion in the soft tissues.
The sleep restores, eliminates headaches, depression disappear. Disappears chronic fatigue, increases physical and mental stamina of the body. Increases self-esteem.

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