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Three drugs in one peeling: Gessner

Три препарата в одном пилинге: Джесснер The peel is combined classic peeling. Components that are part of the peeling Gessner you can define the properties for the skin. The members are: salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. For the first time this peeling suggested Max Jessner – American doctor. Peeling juice has exfoliating, whitening and comedolytic action. The peeling has its own technology application, despite the fact that he is superficial. Put a large number of layers on the skin. The results can be compared with the median peeling. Reaction after peeling depend on the depth of the action. That is, it may be swelling, redness, peeling. Over time, the composition of the peeling checked, it gives excellent results and prevents scarring.

Resorcinol – dissolves Horny cells, has antiseptic properties and has a destructive effect on bacteria.

Salicylic acid – removes inflammation, cleanses the pores, dissolves sebum.

Lactic acid – moisturizes, soothes, promotes the growth of latest skin cells and collagen synthesis.

Peeling Gessner can be controlled and the reaction after peeling weakly expressed. After peeling, you can immediately return to work and normal daily activities.

Age limits there, you can use not only on the face but on other parts of the body.

Effective peeling with age-related changes, hyperkeratoses, uneven terrain of the skin.

What can solve the problem?

Age spots – reducing color pigments on the treated skin area.

Age problems – reduction of dermoscopic and wrinkled depth.

Seborrhea, acne – removal of layers of keratinocytes, which in excess, the opening of the duct of the sebaceous glands, which subsequently decreases the size of the glands and their evacuation.

Stretch marks – color enhancement in the treated area and leveling the terrain.

Ingrown hairs – inflammation goes near hairs.

Hyperkeratosis – exfoliation of the skin when removing layers of keratinocytes.

The undulation of the surface of the skin is small scars are aligned, the correction of acne and its effects, correction of relief.

Три препарата в одном пилинге: Джесснер The reaction of the skin to peel.

After the procedure you may experience redness for a couple of hours, but depends on individual tolerance. After a couple of days peeling occurs, which can last up to a week, but also individually.

From the intensity of the layers peeling juice can be conducted not more often than once a week, or even less. The solution was applied to a few hours.

For best results to take up to 10 courses.

Because there are several variants of this peeling, the beautician can result to model.

If you choose the right funds, the risk is minimal.

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