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Thrush: causes, symptoms, treatment

Молочница причины, симптомы, лечениеCandidiasis is a fungal infection, the main symptom is itching.
Normal microflora of the vagina can inhibit excessive proliferation of Candida microorganisms. But very often the body is exposed to various external factors that are favorable for reproduction, prosperity and the growth of bacteria. As a rule, causes of thrush are:
-taking antibiotics, which affect the microflora is the main component of the protection of the body;
-changes in acid-base balance of the vaginal environment changes before the onset of menses;
humid and hot weather;
-the use of certain types of Soaps, salts for the bath, vaginal deodorants;
-the use of tampons;
-sexual intercourse when irritated or weakened the protection of the mucosa.
Signs of candidiasis
Candidiasis or thrush symptoms exerts its in the form of burning and irritation in the genital area, copious secretions, which appearance similar to cottage cheese.
Your actions
To reduce and prevent the recurrence of thrush can be the following: do not use vaginal deodorants, avoid tight pantyhose and underwear made of synthetic materials, do not use salts for the bath foam and shower gels; before the introduction of the tampon and when you have sex, use a lubricant made water-based. Also, experts recommend to use special gels, which normalize the acid-alkaline balance. If candidiasis is often repeated treatment of thrush spend with the help of special anti-fungal vaginal funds. Such funds are on sale in drugstores, but first you should consult with your doctor as inappropriate antifungal cream will lead to the development of irritation of the vagina.
When you need to consult a doctor:
-if signs of yeast infection you have for the first time;
if candidiasis catches up with you more than three times per year or if the disease was repeated two or more times in the last two months;
-treatment does not help, and the signs continue to pursue you;
-during breast-feeding or during pregnancy;
-if the main signs of a yeast infection are accompanied by pain in back, chest, abdomen;
-if your age is less than twelve, and more than sixty;
-if the doctor prescribed immunosuppressants or drugs from diabetes.

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