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Tips on choosing lingerie

Советы по выбору нижнего белья

Without exception, all the girls dream to be feminine, beautiful and successful, and what can the most ideal way to highlight all the feminine charms? Of course, underwear. We have collected for you the recommendations on choosing lingerie for a special occasion and every day.
Many women make the mistake of thinking that a little extravagant and beautiful lingerie is not suitable for everyday wear. It’s a big mistake, so you should try to make every day bright toilet articles, for example, bright and interesting bra. Now fashionable bright shades, so let’s follow the fashion, adding to your wardrobe with a special linen.
It is very important when buying lingerie to choose the right form of, for example, girls with puffy Breasts can look for bras with a bone.
Owner not particularly lush forms can focus on the model of bras with Cup, which perfectly accentuate the Breasts and give her a nice shape.
When choosing and buying underwear for each day, try to consider the following recommendations:
-choose the most comfortable models underwear, pleasant to the touch;
an important factor comfortable underwear is the correct size to parts kit never dug into the skin in any area of the body;
-daily underwear categorically should not be seen or to be seen under the clothes, if this happens, from the outside it looks very vulgar.
There are no prohibitions to clothes for your daily wearing was bright or made of some of the original materials. So you can wear with the addition of bright and rich lace. The main thing is to choose well-fitting bra that will not only emphasize the chest, and be able to create a beautiful neckline. It is very important to complement the way the panties, only panties should also be comfortable, to have the right fit, not to dig into the body and emphasize the advantages of your figure.
Lingerie for special occasions
Going online store erotic lingerie, we pay more attention on smooth materials. However, a special case requires us models with rich lace, with decorative elements.
When choosing lingerie for special occasions, follow these tips:
for open back dresses will not fit bra with straps. Here you can replace the conventional model to model strapless, which will allow in all its glory show shoulders and back.

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