«Мэри Бэль»

To show the language brain injuries.

сканер языкаThe brain is one of the most important human organs, because even minor injuries can have long-lasting effects, and the sad consequences for the patient. For people with a mechanical brain damage extensive restoration is largely the only hope for maintaining a normal life. The alternative method, paradoxically, is to stimulate extensive restore the activity of the brain through the tongue.
Language is associated with the nervous system through the thousands of groups of nerves, located in different areas of the tongue, and some of them transmit impulses directly to the brain. Innovative portable stimulator PoNS, stimulates certain areas of the nerve in the language, to focus the brain on the restoration of the nerves that were damaged. The PoNS device was created with the conscious consideration given to ease of use and security.
T-shaped device provides stimulation to the nerves through electrodes 143. PoNS uses biphasic wave, guaranteeing a minimal chance of irritation fabric, and operational limits of the conducted current in the maximum reach 19 V. pulse affects the language in 5 MS intervals every 20 MS. The stimulator can be operated automatically by Your heart rate, or in manual mode by pressing intensity. The electrodes are approved by the international Association of health and medicine biologically compatible polymers, which are eye-catching saliva does not harm electronics.
After a week of using a portable stimulator in patients with identical brain lesions has been pronounced positive dynamics of recovery of its functions. In addition, the PoNS can be used not only for rehabilitation after mechanical injury, but also for treatment of some diseases, such as alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

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