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To the question of understanding the patient and the doctor

Less than 20% of patients from the EU can fully understand the information that is provided to them by healthcare professionals. Only 43% of patients require further clarification, when they can’t immediately understand all the nuances of the recommendations of doctors. However, even this is not able to provide a full understanding of the explanation.
Therefore, in half of patients misunderstand the recommendation of doctors, wrongly assess the risks of the proposed medical procedures, get unreasonable expectations regarding the success of some operations or misunderstood the importance of taking critical measures. Patients take the medication in the wrong dose, take unjustified decisions when selecting operations, and conducting surveys.
These findings allowed us to make an analytical study, funded by the European Union, made before entering the most important directives for the improvement of health literacy of citizens, included in the package of the health laws.
Modern medical technology is constantly improving, methods of healing become more complex, an increasing number of chronic patients. Increasingly, chronic, patients are involved in the decision making process of a medical nature. For example, patients with diabetes when using modern devices for the control of sugar levels are forced daily to make personal decisions about the dosages of glucose-lowering drugs, the nuances of nutrition, activity level and other nuances of their treatment. Innovative surgical methods, immunological, genetic therapies often impossible to explain to the client in plain words. Patients fail to adequately respond to the complex medical terminology. So important is the issue of increasing health literacy of citizens.
For this purpose it is planned to introduce a whole range of actions. In addition to special training courses in schools, similar developmental courses intended to introduce and adults. In Universities assume that close attention be given to increasing the communication skills of future doctors.

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