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Training massage

Тренировочный массажThe main direction of training of massage is to provide the athlete the maximum results in the shortest possible time with the minimum expenditure of energy of the psyche. This type of massage is an integral part of the training process of almost every serious athlete who wants to achieve maximum results.
The main objectives of the training massage are:
1) Improving the health of the athlete.
2) Help the athlete after a long break in training, that is, the entry in the form.
3) General improvement of the functioning of the nervous and muscular system in General, and in particular those muscle groups that are tasked with all the work when training an athlete.

Тренировочный массаж

Time training massage takes about one hour. It is also very important data for training massage statistics is a muscular load, which inevitably comes at some muscle groups, in different sports, different muscle groups. So, for example, for football players and runners must be reduced with a massage of the hands and chest and give more time to massage foot muscles. Experts in the field of sports loads argue that a correct massage is of not less importance than the training process.
When providing the athlete a massage, it needs to be different without pain, that is largely painless, this fact is especially necessary to take into account when performing a massage of muscles that are utilized to the maximum in the training process. All methodological base of sports massage needs is directly proportional to depend on the type of training, number of training and directly sport. There is no chance to reach the pinnacle of skill, as built without a proper system of training, and without massage. These two concepts are inseparable.

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