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Transfer factor – vitamins for immunity

An increasing number of people suffer from various diseases, from elementary common cold to cancer. This is because in recent years is becoming worse ecology. And the way people live far from correct. It is clear that in this situation, the immune system is weakened, and the human body needs additional support. Such support can provide immunomodulator transfer factor.
In 1949, Dr. Sherwood Lawrence showergel discovery, which has changed the impression of immunology. He discovered that the immune experience can be transferred between organisms. And immune experience is ever transferred diseases and viruses. Carriers of this memory are molecules that consist of 44 amino acids. Here these molecules called transfer factors, i.e. factors of migration.
It thus formed the baby’s immune system. Transfer factors carry the body of the child from the mother’s body, the memory of it carried over diseases. From the names of these molecules is called amazing drug – transfer factor reviews which you can read at the link.
The drug contains three fractions, performing a variety of functions, which are extremely important for the formation of the human immune system.
The inductors provide maintenance of the immune system of the human body in a state of readiness. They cause increased production of natural killer cells of the body, thereby stimulating cellular immunity.
Suppressors are present in order to prevent autoimmune eacli.
Antigens give the body a chance to recognize the many pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
Thus, the transfer factor glyukouch provides the immune system of the body from the outside. This drug has no analogues in the world, it is a truly unique immunomodulator.

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