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Trouble in the family – alcoholism

Беда в семье - алгоголизмNo one is immune from that in a nice, friendly family tends to alcohol consumption. Big mistake those women that think: – “He is a man, why shouldn’t drink with my friends. First of all, the drink will start to “beat” on the family budget. No gift will not pour. And as a bonus – ‘ll start problems in family relations.

Systematic gatherings with friends, sooner or later will end attacks of delirium tremens, with which to fight you. The ambulance and the police in this case will not help. We will call the psychiatrist at home, otherwise a man out of the binge will be difficult. But no other way, even if you don’t want to make “dirty linen”. At eccentricities, during the attack will watch the children, and to draw their own conclusions. While the mother establishes relationship with her husband, trying to create the appearance that nothing terrible happened, the teenager begins to understand that daddy is doing everything right and it should be pitied.
Teenage drug addiction begins with the use of entertainment alcoholic beverages. Mainly responsible for this are inattentive parents, although it is believed that bad things children is the influence of the street. Teenagers are on the street the skills and habits that they receive at home. No, no one says that alcohol can be consumed. But teenagers can see for yourself that there is nothing to worry. After all, mommy is sorry dad, that means they can. Drugs coming to replace the alcoholic drinks, and it is not the fault of the parents, and inattention to what environment you create for your child, and what he enjoys on the street.
Women often refer to family violence. In order to avoid beatings, she goes on about her husband, not thinking about the fact that you can complain or to persuade him to treatment. Now there are many rehabilitation centers where it is possible to undergo treatment anonymously. Of course, if booze is in full swing, it will only exit the psychiatrist at home.
If you begin to hinder the development of alcoholism in the first months of life together, a trouble can be prevented at the beginning. To go with a drunken husband, not a method of struggle! The woman created by God so that instead of strength, she has the intelligence, cunning and resourcefulness. Only a woman can turn a family’s life in the right direction. The prohibitions to prevent alcoholism impossible, but there are many options through which you can avoid.

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