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Truth and fiction about fat-free products

Правда и выдумка про обезжиренные продуктыThose who by hook or by crook, as soon as possible try to lose weight often eat a diet of low fat foods, believing that they are useful and correct not only for the contours of the body, but also for health in General. And if in fact the issue with low-fat products?
Too dangerous substitutes
This applies to low-calorie mayonnaise, vegetable spreads and other products marked “light” in them milk fat is replaced by hydrogenated vegetable or scientific, so-called TRANS fats. These fats are a special type of unsaturated fats produced artificially. They are dangerous to health especially those that provoke a variety of inflammatory processes in the human body, slowing down the metabolism, increasing the risk of diabetes and lowering the body’s ability to cope with stress.
Unnecessary sugar
Fat, like sugar, is a natural flavor enhancer. In fact, he adds a dairy richness and taste. His absence makes the products taste fresh. Therefore, manufacturers add them in malt, which is the same carbohydrate as sugar. Thus, in the low-fat yogurt calories is the same as 3-5%.
Low calorie foods don’t satisfy the feeling of hunger but rather increase it. When in the human diet lacks fats, it begins to feel hunger. To avoid this, you need to eat low calorie foods together with carbohydrates – bread and dried fruits.
More salt
To improve palatability of low-fat products, such as cottage cheese, it just podsalvage. In turn, this provokes swelling and various stagnant processes in the body. And the result is the same – the extra weight.
Can eat whatever you want
Among the fans of this way of eating is their error: times-calorie low-fat products, they can be consumed in unlimited quantities. However, the result is the same – with a large amount of food we get more calories.
Every person has the right to decide how he is to eat. But the true benefit only natural products with low fat content, than without it or fat. For example, 10-15% sour cream instead of 20%, milk yogurt instead of cream, milk, 1.5% fat instead of 3.5%. And not to miss with a choice before buying every time carefully study the composition of the goods. In reasonable quantities, fat is not harmful, and only benefits!

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