«Мэри Бэль»

Turkish soap massage

мыльный массаж All Turkey known with its luxurious bath treatments, the so-called Turkish Hamami, which are not just ordinary baths, and represent a real Paradise and fabulousness. In such baths is always very warm, but when exposed to high temperatures on the body, people clean the skin, there has been a gradual relaxation of muscle tissue, leading to faster recovery. All bathing procedures were adopted to carry out massages. So in the tenth century, thanks to the popular healer Avicennae was implemented for the special massage. According to his opinion, thanks to the massage I could easily produce excitation of different parts of the body could relax and prepare fabric to the load, to facilitate their healing and recovery.

The Turkish massage first involves the application of a special oil soap, then massage therapist, making a circular motion, rubbing hard sponge soap oil, thereby forming the foam mixture, through which the whole body is covered with a soft cover. The starting point of a massage is the back, after which the procedure moves on to massaging the limbs. In parallel with the rubbing with a sponge hold light stroking in order to avoid skin damage.мыльный массажIn the process of massaging the massive muscles relax, there is a General physical relaxation, which leads to peace of mind, and thereby removed the moral tension.

In the process of massaging is cleaning up the top layer of skin from clogging and slag, which leads to smoothing and equalizing the skin.

The optimal session this massage should not exceed forty minutes, as a long-term holding of the human body under high temperatures can adversely affect his health.

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