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Type of treatments: lymphatic drainage

Тип косметологической процедуры: лимфодренажThe purpose of this procedure is to normalize the water-salt metabolism in the tissues in the neck, décolleté, and scalp. Using such treatments can effectively solve skin problems. For example, remove bruises and bags under the eyes, to remove the reporting of the skin, make facial contours more clearly. Cosmetic procedure will help in the skin to normalize the lymph flow. Like all the existing procedures of cosmetic nature, exist as contraindications and indications.

So what are the indications for this procedure?

This procedure is peculiar to apply: loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin, swelling, tired and sagging skin that are often exposed to stress, scars, scars, wrinkles mimic nature, wrinkles, rashes of different nature on the skin, the effects prevage rashes, loss of elasticity after surgery.

There are contraindications, as with any treatments to remove various defects of the skin.

What can the reasons why you cannot take this miracle procedure? For example, the processes of the inflammatory nature of the lymph nodes in the head and neck, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, viral and infectious diseases, poor blood clotting, tuberculosis, violation of the integrity of the skin in the décolleté and neck.

Тип косметологической процедуры: лимфодренажWhat stages are provided during the lymphatic drainage?

First of all, the preparatory procedure which involves the treatment of a special gel work area. This gel will remove dirt, makeup.

After this stage comes the process of wetting and the work of the masseur. After the gel is applied the cream with a moisturizing effect, and this will facilitate the work of the masseur and you will be nicer.

Occurs lymph nodes massage using gentle pressure, which are located in the supraclavicular area. Such a procedure tend to make from 5-8 times.

After drainage massage to the skin specialized bent tubes, through which you will be eliminate excess fluid in the neck, face. Everything should go smoothly and the tube should coincide with the flow of lymph.

After the process of removing excess fluid is the most enjoyable stage is massaging the face using lotions and creams with moisturizing effect.

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