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Types of antireflux surgery

Our clinical experience has shown that the methodology Politano-Leadbetter effective, but very traumatic. Transfer of entrance of the ureter to a new place with his inflection in the walls of the bladder provided by the idea of surgery, disrupt the normal complicated relationship between vesicoureteral segment.

More physiological with these positions is surgery Cohen, applied by us for the treatment of children due to vesicoureteral reflux since 1983

The success of surgical correction determines not only the chosen mode of intervention, but also premorbid background of the patient, the postoperative period. Surgical treatment of vesico-ureteral segment, stay your drains Yes ureters, bladder deliver difficult-therapy discomfort in the operated children.

To improve the results of antireflux techniques, prevention of edema and stenosis of the newly created anastomosis of the ureter with the bladder, reducing the dysuric phenomena and the dependence of the outcome of the operation from premorbid background of the patient, reduce the cost of treatment us since 1982 first used a carbon dioxide laser scalpel, which are the highlights of antireflux surgery — allocation of submucosal, intramural departments with resection of fibroid-the modified portion of the ureter.

The use of the CO2 laser has provided clinical and experimental studies that helped to justify the parameters of laser radiation, do not have damaging effect on the tissues of the bladder and ureter, to study the morphological changes and characteristics of wound healing in the area of vesico-ureteric segment, its stimulating effect on immuno-biological status of the patient.


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