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Types of dental care

Виды стоматологической помощиEveryone turned to the dentist at least once in their life and so everyone knows that the person feels completely defenseless in the dental chair. However, modern dentistry is different from the one that terrified for adults and children – the modern technologies made it possible to improve dental procedures, making them completely painless. That is why those people who want to quickly and easily get rid of any problems with teeth and oral cavity are treated today in private dental clinics, staffed by experienced doctors and uses the latest methods of treatment.

Sections dentistry

Dentistry presented in separate directions, each of which deals with certain problems. In particular, there are such kinds of dental care, such as:

  • therapeutic;
  • surgery (including implants);
  • orthopedic;
  • pediatric dentistry;
  • as well as orthodontics and periodontics.

For example, dentistry in Chelyabinsk presents all of the above areas, but in most private clinics of the city services are either adults or children. So if you need to get the tooth or to restore, to apply should be in a private dental clinic public profile, and if the tooth is necessary to treat the child in pediatric dentistry.
Consider a few more details each type of dental care. Thus, therapeutic use is in the treatment of problem (decayed) teeth with the use of effective painkillers and advanced dental materials.
Help surgical represented by such procedures as: tooth extraction, implantation and microimplants, surgery to bone, or oral mucosa, treatment of cysts and other treatments.
As for fitting, it is the patients who need the restoration of lost teeth, crowns and dentures. Modern materials and techniques to perform these procedures allow you to perform different types of prosthesis (depending on situation) to ensure that patients are able to smile and not be too shy.
Section of pediatric dentistry includes the treatment of caries, removal of teeth, treatment of inflammatory processes – stomatitis, gingivitis, etc. But orthodontics is used both in adults and in pediatric dentistry allows a person to correct the bite, leveling uneven teeth and get a beautiful smile.
Periodontics – a branch of dental science which deals with the problems of periodontal tissue located around the teeth (gums, ligaments tooth, bone)

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