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Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

УЗИ щитовидной железыThyroid ultrasound is an important diagnostic procedure that allows like from inside to examine the thyroid gland. The ultrasound of the thyroid gland is very simple procedure though paid, but inexpensive. Also, the procedure of the research does not require special training.

When you need a thyroid ultrasound?
As soon as the doctor will have the slightest suspicion of trouble in the thyroid gland, it must appoint an ultrasound. Ultrasound and ultrasonic speaker system reveals the key, diffuse changes, to determine the size of the lobes of the thyroid gland, and it will give an opportunity to know its volume.
Recommended ultrasound in such cases:
-mood swings, increased nervousness;
-sensation in the throat coma, coughing periodically;
-subfebrile temperature;
drastic change in body weight for no apparent reason;
-heart rhythm disorder;
mass loss of hair;
-tumors that can be detected by palpation;
-suspected tumor development.
Doctors advise to examine the thyroid gland using ultrasound at least once a year, and after the age of 35 years to do it it is necessary, as it is in older age is often the thyroid gland begins to fail. Using ultrasound it is possible to promptly detect the presence of trouble and successfully to eliminate them.
Ultrasound of the thyroid gland not only performs a diagnostic function. This way you can control the execution of the puncture of the thyroid gland, there’s no ability to damage tissue in the thyroid.
To prepare for the ultrasound not particularly necessary, bring a towel, which is used as litter under the head, and you will be able to wipe the gel.

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