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Underwear that can prevent a heart attack

Нижнее белье, которое сможет предотвратить инфарктWireless technologies have become an invention which not only greatly simplified the life of people, will give you maximum access to information and became a mediator for communication and entertainment. In the medical field wireless technologies are key to the successful outcomes of operations of high complexity, the hope for finding the lost functions of hearing and vision and even preventive measures for the preservation of human health.
We all know about the existence of special medical underwear. Most often it is based corset is the mechanism. However, the new release from the American Institute of medicine is not associated with surgery, except that – surgery. A prototype of the bra, equipped with special sensors could prevent the onset of crisis conditions, strokes and heart attacks. No, Your body will not be subjected to any stimulating the discharge current or the information-wave radiation. Just the sensor system is synchronized with a smartphone or any other suitable equipment at the disposal of Your doctor.
The sensors are designed for measurement of heart rate, blood flow, sweat secretions, motility of the muscles, etc. All alarm systems in broken-down start to function a little differently, and sensors, having received a signal about the dysfunctions that put him through interfaces such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi straight to the doctor so that he can take the necessary actions. In addition, each set of clothes is equipped with a GPS device so the doctor can accurately track the location of a patient, even if the latter is unconscious and unable to tell where he is at the moment.
All sensors are made of nanogold, which ensures their practical weightlessness and long service life. The developers claim that the wearing of medical cardiovascular completely safe for Your health. Not the time to keep the privacy of data, especially from the attending physician.

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