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Use dairy products

Польза кисломолочных продуктовToday food market filled with all sorts of fermented foods.
The usefulness of such products heard every. Fermented milk drinks optimize the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, strengthens your bones, helps with insomnia. Eating dairy foods prolongs life.
Some people believe that dairy products factory devoid of beneficial microorganisms. However, the majority of manufactured dairy products are fine for a healthy, wholesome diet.
Beneficial microorganisms found in kefir, is removed from the body soon enough, however, manage to bring a lot of benefits. This drink helps to arouse the appetite, helps the production of saliva, development of gastric juice. Kefir is recommended in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The drink is able to stop vomiting, relieves heaviness in the gut.
The intestine is highly susceptible to stress, pain from a bad environment, poor quality of food. These disorders can be prevented through dairy products.
Kefir offal – bifido and biokefir, have a good preventive properties due to the bifidobacteria.
A relatively recent product on the market of dairy products is liquid yogurt. The product is very useful for the intestines. The composition of yogurt includes the very useful lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. But useful properties of the product are retained for only two weeks.
In addition there is a vibrant and unnatural yogurt. The last is heat treated which kills the lion’s share of good bacteria.
Special mention is bio-yoghurt. Additional useful qualities give him bifidobacteria. Particularly useful such yogurts for kids. It is also useful for women because it is low-calorie and allows you to keep the shape. Its use sometimes gives a better effect than diet.
Consumption of fermented milk drinks can avoid discomfort in the stomach, brings real pleasure. These products are no dangerous side effects.

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