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Полезные продуктыWe seldom think of our food, the usefulness of food. The food we choose for taste. Sometimes it’s justified, but if the body is something bothering you, possibly body lacks certain vitamins, trace elements. A small adjustment of the diet can solve many health problems.
To normalize digestion helps plums, apples, potatoes, bananas. With regular gastrointestinal problems are advised to drink regularly “enveloping” dishes – soups, cereals, baby food. Useful chamomile or mint tea.
Heart problems will help prevent the consumption of citrus, persimmon, carrots, garlic, beans. To expel harmful cholesterol from the human body capable of salmon, cocoa, natural chocolate. Lower pressure will help the garlic, grapefruit juice, orange.
To strengthen the bones will help the lemon.
Resist infections will help olives, lemon. To neutralize viruses capable of strawberries. To support the immune system possibly using garlic and live yoghurt.
To alleviate asthma symptoms will help bell peppers, oranges.
Cauliflower is useful to those wishing to normalize weight as well removes toxins. People who are concerned about their own weight, but do not use diet, healthy juice lemons.
To strengthen the vision will help the carrot, green tea, blueberries.
Resist colds help citrus fruits, onions, bell peppers.
To relieve the consequences of alcohol abuse can coffee with lemon juice, tomatoes, oranges.
To lighten the mood capable natural antidepressants – honey, pear, parsley. A charge of optimism and can provide raspberry, strawberry, cherry.
To improve performance, you can increase the consumption of eggs, cheese, milk.
Cheer up, eating a piece of lemon with sugar or tea, after drinking lemon juice.
Charges the body with energy protein products. Eat fish, meat dishes, dairy products.
To maintain the concentration will help pineapples, bananas.

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