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Using metapeling you can solve any skin problem

При помощи мезопилинга можно решить любые проблемы кожи This procedure is based on surface microinjections of organic acids. In the composition of organic acids include: retinoic, lactic, glycolic, salicylic. Moreover, during the injection of such a compound used in low concentration. This method can be used for the whole body.
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Used for acne treatment, removal of scars and stretch marks, seborrhea, skin changes associated with age, pigmentation.
Mezopiling can be used at any time of the year, anesthesia is not needed. During the procedure using thin needles are inserted into the skin organic acids in a single composition. During these injections you will not feel discomfort, tingling, burning, as the composition of the acids used in low concentration. And these acids are immediately fall into the deep layers of the skin.
При помощи мезопилинга можно решить любые проблемы кожи
What you expect the result?
Treatment of seborrhea and acne: almost disappears inflammation and redness, the number of black dots is reduced, a normalization process sebum.
Pigmentation: dermal pigment spots become almost invisible, epidermal – disappear.
Age-related changes (body, face, neck, decollete) skin: increases firmness, the complexion, fades hyperkeratosis. The skin becomes silky, soft, smooth, evens skin tone, wrinkles disappear.
Stretch marks: using the alignment surface of the skin, stretch marks not as noticeable.
This procedure can be perfectly combined with mesotherapy.
The medical consultant before applying the procedure, depending on the problematic nature of the skin assigns the number of necessary procedures. Procedures can be done at intervals of once a week. On the average, to obtain the desired result spend up to 10 courses metapeling.

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