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Vision correction new generation

Коррекция зрения нового поколенияAstigmatism, and it is not a secret for anyone that is not a disease, because the deformation of the eyeball, that is, deviations in its shape from a perfect specimen, there is in each person. However, with age, or under the influence of internal and external physical influences such disformal lead to the fall of the definition of the perceived image, the blurring of contours, etc.
To improve and vision correction routinely used dipteronia (medical) with tuned glasses accuracy lenses or contact lenses the first generation. Classical causes the inconvenience of using such ophthalmic accessories are reduced to a number: a prolonged period of adaptation of the retina, excessive drying of the lenses, the need for continued material investments in the funds on maintenance of the lenses, etc.
Toric lenses – innovative method of stabilization and correction of human vision. Using a prism ballast lens permanent contact with the line of the lower eyelid, thereby reducing the period of adjusting the eye to the artificial layering. Thickened base is able to pass the necessary amount of oxygen and lacrimal fluid, which prevents the drying out of the membranes and the development of inflammatory diseases of the retina and tissues of the eyes, for example conjunctivitis. In addition, toric contact lenses hypoallergenic.
The wearing of such lenses is attributed to the patients with different degree and nature of astigmatism, which means that You will be able to make the correction, regardless of whether You suffer astigmatism membranes or directly to the lens. Toric lenses are extremely comfortable to wear and don’t require as much meticulous and careful maintenance, as contact lenses first generation.
The choice of vision correction, of course, initially you need to obtain appropriate expert advice. Even if the astigmatism is not a disease, self-medication in this case is strictly forbidden, and not only the Ministry, but the arguments of sanity.

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