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Vitamins transfer factor

Витамины Трансфер факторThat, according to most, is meant by the term health? Many find it difficult to answer this question. However, it’s simple. Our health is our immune system, i.e. the immune system. However, there are now a large variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other foreign bodies, which harm human health, that our immune system is not able to defend themselves from it all. In addition, there is such a thing as a polluted environment, poor nutrition, stress, irregular sleep, and do viruses with bacteria gradually improved. All this has a negative effect on human immunity.
But the decision to maintain immunity exists, and his name transfer factor. These are small molecules that have a sort of memory – memory immunity.
Invented a similar tool as far back as 1949 by Dr. Sherwood Lawrence, who found that the secret of a great immune system incorporated within nature itself. He made the discovery that it is possible to transmit information about the immunity from a healthy person, who has excellent immunity to the patient.  The immunity of a sick person in turn receives information about how to cope with this or that disease. Based on all these developments and was created transfer factor Classic.
Initially it was believed that such molecules contain only human blood, but then it turned out that they contain and in other tissues.
It turned out that animals have similar molecules. However, their immune system is much better developed, as they have to deal with a lot of dangers in the environment. In the end, in the synthesized drug was able to focus the strongest immunities of the planet.
Molecules which there are, you can send ability experienced the immune system to inexperienced system that she was taught to fight various diseases.
The body by taking these drugs in the form of transfer factor Plus starts to better recognize the danger for themselves in various forms.
In addition, the immune system faster and more efficiently generates a response to the deleterious effect. Also immune to the drug allows the immune system to remember the threat that the next time it is easier and faster to fix it, without harm to the body.
However, the acceptance of such funds is no different from taking aspirin or other similar medicines – it can simply be taken with food and drink water.

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