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Well-groomed skin for half an hour

Ухоженная кожа за полчасаFrom French gommage means eraser. The name means a procedure that is able to clear the skin of dead cells, while its appearance will improve significantly.

Physiological natural process of exfoliation of the skin. Leather with a shortage of vitamins, improper hygiene, stress, harmful environmental influences to become lifeless and dull. Since broken skin processes of excretion and respiration. With age our skin just doesn’t naturally get rid of dead cells. Beauticians recommend the use of a scrub or scrub.

Similarly, as the scrub gommage is a type of exfoliation, the skin is much gentler. In the composition homage there are no solid particles, so the skin is no mechanical impact not podlegam. Cleansing the skin with fruit acids, which are part of homage.

Apart from the fact that homagium you can clean the skin, but also do a micro-massage. This massage stimulates circulation, improves the protective properties of the skin, the process of cellular metabolism is much faster, congestion disappear.

So the type of cleaning will suit any type of skin as it gently cleanses.

Ухоженная кожа за полчаса

After applying the scrub skin looks much younger, fresher, improves microcirculation. Also increased susceptibility to the creams, serums, masks. If for some time to use the scrub, your skin will become firmer and more elastic. Substances that are part of the tool nourish and moisturize the skin, there is harmonization of lipid and water balance of the skin.

If you have normal or dry skin, twice a week, apply homage, if fat – 4 times a week.

Any patients of different age prefer to use this procedure, since the result will not keep you waiting. If you decide to visit any event, this procedure is perfect for revitalizing your skin.

Just need half an hour and beautician will make your skin fresh, clean and smooth.

During the procedure, you can relax and have fun, as any pain, a burning sensation, redness and peeling no.

If you want to stay on longer, you should undergo this procedure. The number of procedures in the course is determined individually for each.

For your skin always choose a professional and effective cosmetics. And to choose among the wide range can help professionals in the cosmetology field.


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