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What is the use of the land?

sushi_polzaIn recent times, you can see a small sushi bars and Japanese restaurants with dragon roofs, where will be offering a product like sushi. Sushi lovers a lot today, and they are all as one suggests that such food is very tasty and healthy. If you see the ad, “sushi delivery Yekaterinburg”, then know that you will deliver your order within a few minutes, so that Japanese food is the possibility of a hearty meal at work. Well, what good is this exotic dish?

Sushi – the key to longevity

Sushi is a unique taste, similar to which you will not find anywhere else. Can not be compared with them and Russian folk baked fish, and the Royal Parisian salmon. The secret of this dish lies in the ingredients – this includes boiled rice, special dried seaweed and fish. Scientists have shown that fish has useful properties. First, it contains essential amino acids, which are not destroyed using heat treatment. Secondly, fish rich in micronutrients.
Calling the announcement “pizza delivery Ekaterinburg, you can also order sushi are served with soy sauce and spicy sauce. Don’t give up pickled ginger – he not only whets the appetite, but also acts as an antibacterial product. Japanese scientists have found that sushi is very quickly digested and therefore are beneficial to the cardiac system. It is important to know that the seaweed that wrapped rice is a rich source of iodine, which we sometimes do the necessary.
Many people think that sushi is dangerous to eat because of the raw fish, but it is not so. Smart Japanese about this for a long time took care, therefore, serves fish with wasabi, which is Japanese horseradish. You know that wasabi is not just kills harmful bacteria, but even inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Of course, the debate about the benefits and harms of land will not subside for a long time, and only you can decide whether to eat them or not. However, statistics show that today’s most long-lived people on Earth – the Japanese.

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