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Что такое БАДыAccording to experts in the field of physiology, absolute health of any person depends on 15% of the level of health in a country, another 15% of the genetic characteristics and predispositions. The remaining 70% is a way of life, the main component of which is the human diet. It is powered by physicians and doctors called the principal component of health.
The stability of the opinions of physicians never differed, however, throughout the development of medicine as a science, the doctors were always sure of only one thing – the man is what he eats. And the worse their diet, the more diseases in his body may be.
Some specialists believe that in these days people the human diet should consist of six hundred different substances called nutrients. However, such a number of substances, and various substances found in hundreds of products and dishes. Not everyone can afford such a number of products in the regular menu. Then we take the case of the so-called “dietary Supplements” that is biologically active additives.
These additives are concentrates of substances that are found in a variety of products that uses people. Moreover, in their composition, there are some elements that are not found in the menu of the person, but it has a beneficial influence. Extracted these “concentrates” from natural ingredients of animal, mineral, vegetable and marine origin. Some items are difficult to find by extraction from nature, so they are synthesized chemically so that they were identical to natural.
In addition, as evidenced by laminin reviews, biologically active additives and contain components that have medicinal properties only if they enter the human body in certain proportions, combinations and quantities. In contrast to conventional pharmacological agents, biological additives are almost “natural” or close to that status matters. Therefore, their use is safe, it is not exhausting for the body, and Vice versa, allows him to recover losses that it has incurred as a result of their life.
Release of biologically active additives in various types. There is not only classically stereotypical “tablets and capsules, and tinctures, creams, liquid and dry concentrates, powders, syrups and so on.

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