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What tools will help dandruff

Какие средства помогут от перхотиDandruff is, of course, big trouble. Many people believe that dandruff is a sign of your carelessness, so you don’t want to communicate. But you carefully watch your appearance and hygiene. What to do, how to get rid of this trouble, which you catch your life. And answer yourself the question, when did you have dandruff? Maybe its the sudden appearance postponed due to illness, change of shampoo or relocation?

With the change of shampoo all clear, please change it to the former, and the dandruff will leave you alone. But in other cases the body needs support. If you have suffered from the disease, dandruff is due to a weakened immune system. Try to make masks for the skin of your head received the necessary vitamins, and it was restored blood flow.
Well, the body itself will support if not pharmacy means, then at least increase the vitamins in the diet. If you had any stress, your immune system is also weakened, but here are some vitaminchiki will not be saved. Have to eliminate the cause of stress (possibly drink any weak sedative). But, anyway, before you choose the treatments that you will need to consult a dermatologist.
However, with the dandruff fight can and should be, because it’s your hair can become weak and lifeless and, eventually, to start to fall. now there are many anti-dandruff from advertising cosmetic cleansers and to pharmacy. In addition, there are folk remedies dandruff – various infusions, herbs, solutions, etc. Dandruff caused troubles to the person after all, not only in the 21st century, but earlier, so that our ancestors learned to deal with it. There are numerous masks and potions on the basis of sea-buckthorn berries, nettle, greens, etc. among other things, to cure dandruff will help burdock oil.
Before washing hair slowly RUB it into the scalp, put on insulated hood, hold it for half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo. The shampoo you need to use a soft, without irritating the scalp. The fact that burdock has a mild warming effect, which improves blood flow. Then wash your hair and then rinse them with nettle infusion. So to get rid of dandruff you can, the main thing is to find the root cause and the remedy that suits you.

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