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What types of shares cosmetics, all natural cosmetics

все о натуральной косметикеCosmetics for girls and women – this is a required item that should be available, and there is no difference, do you use lipstick every day, or only on special holidays. In addition, cosmetics must meet three main requirements: safety, efficacy and quality. In the first case under the security means the absence of various toxic substances, including components that are allergic. Efficiency, in turn, indicates that the effect of cosmetics, and as commonly understood their appearance, smell, texture, incidentally, natural cosmetics in the last time is in high demand, because people want to use quality cosmetics, as these not only give a good appearance, conceal imperfections, but also beneficial to her.

But what is natural skin care?
Despite the fact that today people often use natural cosmetics, using different foods to create masks, infusions etc., But such organic cosmetics can not give 100% guarantee of quality, because people do not have the guarantee that such products were grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. Therefore, in order to bring maximum benefit and naturalness in cosmetics, cosmetic companies began developing a line of natural cosmetics that meet all the standards and are not so expensive.
Features natural cosmetics
Although many users of such cosmetics and believe that all of it is 100% made from natural ingredients, this assumption is not entirely true, though it mostly is made. The fact that none of the types of cosmetics may not have the texture and pleasant smell without the use of special harmless ingredients, and these additives applicable to such severe rules as to the choice of the basic structure.
What is this cosmetics?
Though natural ingredients and other components are added, there is no standard, how many percent of the first should be the minimum, but mostly this mark stops at 85-95 percent. The main requirement for raw materials used in the preparation of cosmetics is growing in ecologically clean regions, for which purpose there are special plantations. In addition, this composition has never fit components of animal origin, including different fats and oils.

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