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When a child needs a neurologist

Когда ребенку нужна консультация неврологаThe human nervous system is like a traffic COP at a city intersection with heavy traffic: lots of pedestrians, dozens of cars that go about their business and not interfere with each other, if you follow the commands of the controller. In our body the role of the regulator plays the nervous system – it sends bodies commands and controls communication with the outside world. Changes and problems in the nervous system can only see a specialist.

On reception to the neurologist child the first time you need to record in 1 month. If the doctor found no abnormalities, the next visit should be done in three months, six months and a year. Visits to the neurologist on such a schedule will allow us to detect and treat the various deviations in development. Difficulties with a visit to the doctor should not occur if you go to the site nevroportal.ru. Here you will find free doctor arrange an appointment at a convenient time and to the nearest clinic.
If the age of one month the baby are sporadic signs in the form of a shake handles and chin under load, discontent, dressing or undressing is fine if there are no other symptoms of lesions of the nervous system. Observe the child, try to be surrounded by a smooth and relaxed atmosphere make it light massages, turn on classical music.
If you notice unusual behavior, please refer immediately to a specialist who will prescribe an examination, for example, neurosonography or ultrasound of the brain. Neurosonography is prescribed only to infants, because it is through metacrisis spring. During the first three months of life, the nervous system is particularly active in developing and timely detection of pathologies in the early stages allows one to direct the development of the baby in the right direction. Neurosonography in neurological clinics of Moscow and reviews about them on the website nevroportal.ru prove that this is a fairly common method of diagnosis, does not require special training, it does not take a lot of time, allows to precisely determine the diagnosis. All studies should be performed only by a physician.
By the way, early closure of the fontanel is also one of the reasons for appointment of the doctor of the neurologist. Sometimes early closure of fontanel causes of increased intracranial pressure, and to notice the disease could be based on factors such as crying after sleep, increased head circumference, heaving spring, convulsions. In the half-year-old definitely need to consult a neurologist if the child can not be in full foot is the main symptom of problems in the nervous system, and can only define it by a competent specialist.
At age a cause for alarm can be a frequent baby tantrums and whims, which in many cases are the consequence not only of diseases of the nervous system, and incorrect behavior of the parents.

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