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Where are you going to be treated the Russians

Куда едут лечиться россиянеMany Russian citizens are thinking about treatment abroad. Russian health care has not improved over the years. The cheapening of air travel and the increased activity of foreign medical institutions providing modern medical services at comparable prices, stimulate the development of medical tourism. Often the cost of medical procedures abroad can be compared with domestic prices at a higher level of services.
Analyzing the movement of patients traveling abroad for treatment, it is easy to see that US citizens prefer to be treated in Asia, and the Russians in Germany or Israel. These countries successfully treat various cancers, carry out cardiac, plastic, and orthopaedic procedures. Although other areas of medicine are sufficiently developed in these countries. In foreign hospitals works many doctors practitioners, which many complex operations were put on the conveyor. The professionalism and thoroughness of the German doctors, their professional level, do German best medicine in the world. Qualification Israeli doctors are not much lower, while the prices in Israel may be lower than 30%.
Yet before the Russians, who chose foreign medicine, raises several difficult questions. The main question is weighted the selection of medical facilities for treatment. After all possible options have very much. It is difficult to make a sensible choice without professional medical advice. Also, the patient is faced with certain risks in obtaining a visa, insurance, flights, paying for medical services, the language barrier. For the convenience of the patient in Russia there are many specialized firms involved in the organization of treatment abroad.
Some firms arrange the patient’s stay abroad, others provide only Advisory services, and still others combine both approaches.

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