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ГидромассажEverything from first grade know that life on earth first began its birth in water, due to this, there is a strong connection of his body with the water element. Since no accident the human body is approximately seventy percent water. The human body has long felt a certain attraction to water, as it may become a source of treatment of various diseases and, in General, has a positive impact on the human body.
The idea of the jets first appeared in the late twenties and continues to fill the lives of humanity in the early twenty-first century. The original founder of this massage was the Italian Candido Jacuzzi. That would somehow ease the suffering of his son, who suffered from arthritis, He invented a special kind of water treatments – massage jets.
The usual bath filled with water, were summed up tube in which the pressure of the fed air. This method is strongly facilitated pain of his son.
Currently bathtubs Jacuzzi type, have built-in nozzles, through which there is the ability to control the direction of the jet directly into the painful places of a person who need massage. Due to small bubbles, is the process of removing fatigue and replenish the body’s energy.


To experience the full power of massage is possible not only at home, i.e. at home, you can use the SPA and fitness centers, various shops and recreation complexes, where there is a massage therapist.
It is also important to note that this type of massage is a great way to lose weight, it is justified by the fact that the strong pressure of water AIDS in the breakdown of fat deposits that subsequently leads to cellulite reduction and removal of dead skin cells. It is important to understand that attending a single session will give nothing, important system approach.

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