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Who knows how to do photoselective vaporization of the prostate?

лечение в израилеAdenoma of the prostate in our day meets every second men of reproductive age, and about 70% of men older than sixty years. This disease is quite dangerous, as a benign tumor may eventually develop into cancer. Therefore, Israeli doctors have developed a number of programs aimed at timely diagnosis of this disease and the treatment of BPH in the gentlest manner.
Diagnosis of BPH in Israeli hospitals receiving increased attention, therefore, screening for the presence of this disease is mandatory for men of any age. Moreover, today the Israeli urologists actively implementing medical tourism that can detect BPH before patients see the characteristic symptoms of the disease.
To pass this examination in our days everyone can, however, be aware that in most cases, an accurate diagnosis and determine the extent of tumor development will take several days, which will have to spend in hospital. After that, Israeli experts appointed for more advice from specialized doctors choose the most effective and safe treatment options for BPH. At this stage, working with patients cardiologists and oncologists, endocrinologists and neurologists, the task of which is to minimise the risks associated with medical procedures that are often operational in nature.
However, in the last year to simplify the solution to the problem of treatment choice has allowed new technology to combat tumors of this type, which today is known worldwide as photoselective vaporization of the prostate. This operation is virtually painless and no complications strict compliance with medical recommendations, and can significantly reduce the rehabilitation period, which takes from one to five days. The essence of this technique lies in the evaporation of the tumor with a laser. Moreover, the operation is performed without any incisions, so as microscopic laser equipment and a video camera are inserted into the body of the patient through the urethra.
Of course, to ensure that the operation was successful, to fulfill her need of experienced and qualified professionals. In Israeli hospitals for urology. To remove the adenoma of prostate vaporization method, the requirements are higher. In addition to the availability of higher education such doctors must have an appropriate certificate confirming that they are allowed to use in medical practice, a method such as photoselective vaporization of the prostate. In addition, you must have experience and practical skills in order to coordinate the operation of the laser system and know what processes occur in the body during the evaporation of the tumor.
It is no secret that the level of training of Israeli doctors today considered one of the most high. Therefore, treatment in Israel BPH method vaporization in most cases has been very successful and allows thousands of patients from around the world to get rid of the disease, which complicates their lives and can cause the development of cancer.

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