«Мэри Бэль»

Why it is useful to use dirt

For thousands of years people know about the healing properties of therapeutic muds. And today, many people are wondering where to buy mud, this is not surprising. Such equipment was used by Roman and Egyptian physicians who ministered to the representatives of high society. But in addition to these healthful funds interest becomes smaller.

The so-called deposits of silt, resulting in:

  • lakes;
  • reservoirs of different types;
  • marine estuaries.

Adopted definite classification of these therapies, based on exactly where they are formed. Dirt can be called peat (bog), knoll (in rocks), sapropel (freshwater), sulfide (salt pond).

Useful qualities

With mud can be increased immunological activity of these funds is ensured by the adjustment of metabolic processes, properties of blood. In addition, they are useful for the nervous, endocrine systems. This remedy stops the pain, he has a wonderful anti-inflammatory properties, that allows to use mud in the presence of foci of chronic inflammation.
When can I use

Doctors prescribe this remedy in different cases. For example, we can talk about infertility, which is a cause of the inflammatory process, inflammatory diseases of the uterus. Help mud and male diseases, such as chronic prostatitis, orchitis, vesiculitis.
Among other things, spells out these healing tools in case we need to solve the problems associated with the functioning of the digestive organs. It comes cholecystitis, chronic colitis, hepatitis, ulcerative disease of the stomach. This is a useful tool, which is used in diseases of bodies such as the nose, throat, ears. Methods of mud showed its effectiveness in the case of certain skin diseases. It helps to treat atopic dermatitis, chronic eczema, psoriasis. A tool such as mud, you can in specialized stores. It is indicated for the treatment of colds, chronic or acute bronchitis.

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