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Why kids get sick that often in kindergartens?

Почему малыши так часто болеют в детских садахWeary monotony mommy is looking forward to the moment when she will be able to give his beloved son to kindergarten. It seems that everything will work out: the mother works, communicates, makes money, and the child when actively explores the society. ‘t it wonderful?

Only this rainbow picture very soon will melt when the parents see how often their child will be hurt in the kindergarten. And at one point caring parents ready at all to pick up your kid from preschool institutions, aby to stop the endless medication.
We wanted to understand why the children in the kindergarten are so often sick. What factors contribute to this?

Spreading the infection source of infection. It has led to a group of the child from toplami or cough, and that in turn generously gave their infection with all your young friends. Therefore, the deteriorating health of children in kindergarten – it’s a natural situation. And even here it is not the fault of teachers, parents endanger other kids.
Inadequate care. House on a little lot of adults who ensure that all the buttons were fastened to the pants were always dry, and that the window was not shown. And in kindergarten all the way. There are 30 men have only two educators who are simply not able to follow that everything the kids did not subject themselves to the risks. He will sit on the cold floor, the half-day wandering in the wet trussco, the other kid had to stand near the open street door, and then parents complain that their son or daughter again fever.
Stress. Yes and it happens, especially at the beginning of the visit the child in kindergarten. Tiny, experiencing the absence of a mother, the whole day goes in the disordered state. Oppressed body is so vulnerable that picks up all diseases, from chicken pox to a sore throat.
Dishonest staff. In ordinary gardens of ranicki more than half of the days are in a irritable mood. They don’t really bother with their pupils. For example, they may be sweaty after sleeping the baby to sit on the potty. Or during sleep, when the kids are covered with sweat, to open the window for ventilation. Some do it deliberately in order to make your life easier, because fewer children than the less worries. Others just don’t care. Unfortunately, this happens.

Kids get sick. And we as parents must help them in the fight for your health. Some moms and dads and even abandon the institutions of preschool, and other hard to treat, hoping for a transformation. The decision is up to each of us.

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