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Why you need a massage

One of the beneficial effects of massage is total relaxation, i.e. the smoothing of stress, nervous stress, which is thought to cause half of all human diseases.
The pleasure derived from massage treatments, is often the keystone to the whole body’s health. Thanks to systematic massage procedures performed for therapeutic prevention of the body, optimization of its operation. Massage great impact on the nervous system, toning and stimulating.
Cozy relaxing atmosphere and repetitive motion massage therapist to give rest to the mind, putting aside everyday cares. A sense of physical exposure triggers the production of endorphins by the brain.
Also many people are concerned about the health of their skin, which, according to dermatologists, is an indicator of overall health. The skin can say a lot, because the skin is our natural protective barrier, thus preventing the human body from damage and invasion of pathogenic microbes and viruses.
Skin coating consists of 3 components: the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer. Massage has a beneficial effect on blood flow to all layers of the skin, thus updated and regenerate skin cells. During the massage through perspiration removes the products of human activity and clears the pores of the skin, which has a positive effect on her appearance. Noticed the correlation between skin health and well-being of people.
With age, the skin loses its elastic quality, becomes flabby, wrinkled. Massage can increase the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and special massage cosmetics moisturize and nourish our skin with vitamins.
Therefore, it is safe to say that massages are a kind of prevention of a whole range of diseases, while having a powerful relaxing and beneficial psychological impact. This treatment allows you to tone, relax, improve self-esteem.

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