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Winter cleaning procedure skin: Middle peeling

Зимняя процедура чистки кожи лица: Срединный пилингThe beauty of a woman depends on grooming and healthy-looking skin. At all times from different eras was considered the standard of beauty – and velvety smooth skin. As if not masked, the face was always tend to give the age and associated problems.

To date, developed a large number of products and techniques that can improve and maintain a healthy and attractive appearance of the skin. These include median peeling.

What is the technology of the peeling?

This type of peeling is classified as a chemical peel. The main components of all is trichloroacetic acid. This acid is characteristic of the top layer of the skin epidermis to dissolve. Beautician, first of all, take into account the personal characteristics of the patient’s skin, and then assigns the depth of the peeling and the effect on the skin. On the top layer of the skin is affected by this removes dead cells and activate regeneration – stimulating special complexes. After 10 minutes, you can get smooth, soft and healthy skin. Most experts believe that the median peeling is the most effective and safest method of cleaning the skin of the face. But this procedure is not everyone can afford, namely its price is a little expensive.

It all depends on your skin type, as the recovery period may take about Crescent. Do not be afraid, if the skin starts to peel off or down. For the period of rehabilitation is to abandon Sunny procedures, so called peeling winter procedure.

What are the positive aspects of peeling median?

Recommended this procedure to use aged 30-55 years. Median peels can rejuvenate the skin, as the depth of the action could lead to a rapid and effective cell renewal of the skin. As to the merits of this peeling can be attributed duration of treatment (7-10 minutes), the effect is visible almost immediately after the first procedure, compared with other procedures the recovery period is small.

Зимняя процедура чистки кожи лица: Срединный пилингWhat are the limitations and contraindications exist for medium-depth peeling?

Is strictly prohibited to carry out this procedure is pregnant or you have herpes in the acute stage. For people with sensitive skin also it is not advisable to use this scrub, as it may be an allergic reaction to happen and activation of the nervous and skin diseases.

In any case, such a procedure cannot be done in the home, as in a matter of seconds trichloroacetic acid can make the skin burn. Peeling is carried out in absolute sterility, as substances that are present in the composition of the peeling dissolve the upper part of the skin. The skin is first of all to become helpless to adverse environmental conditions, microbes and infection. Beautician performing the procedure must decide whether to keep the drug on the skin.


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