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Wisdom teeth and problems with them

Зубы мудрости и проблемы с нимиWisdom teeth are the most extreme teeth in the row, which in the modern world in our jaws are superfluous. In the past, when our ancestors jaw was more and teeth stronger (because they had to chew solid and sinewy raw meat), the wisdom teeth were irreplaceable. But with the evolution of jaw fell, and they ceased to be so necessary.

It is believed that the wisdom teeth is a great indicator of a person’s mind. But this is a misconception to call them it is only because the most extreme teeth in both rows grow after the age of 18-20 years, and not in the period of change milk dentition permanent. That is, when a person becomes older and wiser.
Problems wisdom teeth
As we have seen, the wisdom teeth do not make us smarter, not required for chewing food. In most cases, the final teeth are growing properly.
improper growth of wisdom teeth: the teeth may not grow straight, but angled. Very often they do not even seem on the surface, but remain in the bone. The danger is that what is wrong with growing wisdom teeth can damage their neighbors to displace them, to put pressure on the root, causing severe pain, inflammation of the gums (pericolonic): wisdom teeth grow very slowly, in solid bone. In addition, they are very far in the series and hygienic care for them very difficult. Therefore, as long as the teeth grow, they accumulate plaque and bacteria – in low maintenance they can cause inflammation of the gums around the wisdom tooth, dental caries and other dental disease: poor care for the most extreme teeth high risk of developing caries lesions. Subsequently, the inflammation can go to deeper tissues and reach nerve disease in this case is called “pulpit”) – in this case, not every doctor will decide on the treatment of the teeth, most likely will have to remove it.
But problems with wisdom teeth can be avoided: first, you should immediately consult a dentist when the first symptoms of the growing tooth. The doctor will be able to determine the direction of its growth, if you want to remove a tooth early stage, or to direct its movement in the right direction. Secondly, it is important to undergo regular check-UPS, which on average once a year to make panoramic images of the entire jaw system – this will allow to determine the presence of germs or incorrectly located in the bone wisdom teeth, hidden from view. Thirdly, you should pay close attention to hygiene – it is the quality and regularity depends on the state of the tissues around the growing wisdom tooth.

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