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Yoga and wellbeing

Йога и хорошее самочувствиеOften, coming home from work, we feel overwhelmed, tired, empty. However, this condition can be overcome by doing yoga. To maintain vigor, positive mood does not need alcohol and tranquilizers. Yoga provides a universal recipe for perfect health.
Before the start of classes should go in a cold shower. Just stand under the water jet so that the jet was aimed directly at the sinciput. This will allow to take rest, to shake off the stresses of the day. Water perfectly removes fatigue, dissolves negative feelings, gives the body energy and adds vigor.
For relaxation after a hard day’s work, extremely easy to use and effective exercise by tilting of Vajrasana.
Scatter Mat sports rug on the floor. The pleasant feeling of the surface will give the possibility of better calm down. Sit on your heels. Expand the knees to the level of the pelvis. Bend down, stretch your arms, touch the floor with your forehead, to move the skin of the forehead to the side of the nose. In the process of buttocks should be recorded with the heels. When performing this exercise, the head must remain in a state of relaxation. Give a gentle push hands. With the exhalation release the accumulated tension. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes.
After relaxation of the body, it is necessary to calm the mind. Well suited for these purposes, meditation exercises, work with affirmations. Before falling asleep, mentally review the actions done for the day and try to come to terms with them. Try to fall asleep with happy thoughts.
For the sake of obtaining energy for the next day, during Breakfast should consume more saturated fats. These substances contain flax seeds, nuts, cereal. Breakfast should make nutritious and abundant. This will allow you to get a charge of vivacity for the whole day.
Follow these basic guidelines and you will be able to feel fit and healthy every day, where ever you go.

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