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3 secret makeup for contact lens wearers

3 секрета макияжа для пользователей контактных линзContact lenses give much more space to create the diverse make-up than glasses. They do not distort the size of the eye, as is often the case with glasses. Depending on the type, can either simply “stay in shadow”, or to emphasize the natural beauty look.
To properly combine makeup and contact plates by following 3 simple tips.
First put on the optics, then apply makeup. For starters, you should wear both lenses, make sure they “got” correctly. Then apply Foundation, powder, eye shadow and mascara. Those who wears contact lenses, observing the given sequence, change the optics exclusively at expiration date.
Why is it so? In the course of putting on contact lenses. a couple inappropriately dismal tears can break a reputation” that you just created a make-up. In addition, putting on wet plate, you can catch it painted eyelash. In such a case the particles of mascara is going straight in the eye and can cause irritation.
First remove the lens, and then removing the makeup. A similar sequence of actions must be followed, removing from the face of the “man-made beauty”. First, you need to remove the scope, and then use a makeup remover.
Why is it so? During the removal of the cosmetics of the latter may fall into the eye and onto the lenses. Especially undesirable for optical devices contact with the means for removing makeup, which is too aggressive for them.
Spray aerosols carefully. Apply hairspray and perfume ideally need before wearing contact lenses. If that does not work, you just need to close your eyes, spray the spray and wait about ten seconds until all the smallest droplets will settle.
Why is it so? The deposition of droplets of hairspray, perfumes or deodorants on the surface of the lens leads to a slight deterioration of visibility. In addition, it destroys the material of the plate and may cause irritation of the eyes, which have to constantly be in contact with unacceptable for him substance.
What to do if a tool makeup still got on the lens?
In this case, you need to not be lazy to take them off and rinse them in saline solution. If there is a spare pair of optics, you can leave the “victim” in the container and use a backup.
Modern devices for contact correction eyes can be an original component of the make-up. In online stores you can choose:

  • color models “in tone, which will enhance the natural color of the iris;
  • lenses another color to make blue eyes brown and Vice versa;
  • the contact plate, a pattern which surrounds the iris of the eye;
  • crazy-models with a variety of drawings: gossamer, hieroglyphs, signs, the face of Mickey mouse, cat-eye, vampire eyes, etc.;
  • scleral plates, with which you can create expressive animally image.

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