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5 female super products

5 женских супер-продуктовFor ladies of any age have composed a list of products that they simply must include in the menu.
Broccoli. This plant is a great producer of folic acid. This element is necessary for optimum function of the nervous system. Its deficiency can cause depression. Extremely helpful broccoli pregnant women, for the normal growth of the fetus. Also it contains substances that prevent the occurrence of tumors of the breast, cervix, the development of metastases.
Onion. Since women are more prone to osteoporosis than men, especially at the time of menopause, the onions in the diet protects against loss of bone mass. This is because in Luke contains bisphosphonates prevent bone destruction. Also the onion reduces the risk of breast cancer, ovarian.
Various types of leaf lettuce, watercress, arugula salad, spinach. These products contain enough iron is essential to the female body for the process of blood disorders and to promote the smooth functioning of the immune system. The salad contains magnesium, lowering blood pressure, strengthens bone tissue, improves the immune system, protects against fatigue and promote muscle relaxation. And the vitamin E smoothes peak symptoms of menopause.
Bean. Beans, soy, peas contain a lot of fiber, promote normal digestion, protect against atherosclerosis. Potassium is the prevention of osteoporosis, cleanses the kidneys, reducing the likelihood of stone formation. Contains lots of potassium beans. Tryptophan is another substance that facilitates the production of serotonin. Isoflavone benefits for bones, smooths out the peaks of menopause. Extremely a lot of the substance contains soy.
Salmon. This wonderful fish is rich in fatty acids that protect the body from cancer, heart disease, stimulates brain activity. These substances normalize blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis. Fish also includes a considerable amount of vitamin D, prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.

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