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A few simple ways to preserve your health

Несколько простых способов сберечь здоровьеHealth is our main value. Caring attitude ensures a long, healthy life. We will remind you of simple ways to improve health and delay senility.
Decide what kind of physical activity is right for you and take care of him, do morning exercises, visit the pool, sign up for table tennis or badminton, run – has no significant difference what activity you are engaged, it is important that you it was a joy, brought benefits to the body.
Optimize your diet. This certainly does not mean that you must eat only vegetables, cereals or dairy products. Just avoid to use too many useless products – soda, excessively fatty foods, fast food and similar products.
Limit your alcohol intake. Excessive consumption of alcohol beverages leads to a significant number of adverse health effects. A few pleasant hours of the feast are not worth the risks. Alcoholic drinks can bring lots of problems: alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, and so on. A small amount of alcohol, of course, will not cause significant harm to your body, it is important to know when to stop.
Stop Smoking. Although the pernicious influence of such habits proven for a long time, many people continue to destroy your body, the health of others. Is careful to treat their own body.
Give yourself a chance to rest. Overtired body – the perfect breeding ground for the emergence, the development of various diseases. With fatigue destroys the immune system, the body ceases to effectively resist germs and viruses.
Extremely important quality sleep. During sleep, your body restores its own power. Try to sleep eight hours a day.
Make it a rule every day to eat 3 useful product.
Get regular health check-UPS. The best way to fight disease is to avoid them and nip at the initial stage.
Often walk. Enjoy the sun, fresh air.
To maintain immunity drink vitamins.

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