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A procedure that can make you irresistible: Electrolysis

Процедура, которая сможет сделать вас неотразимыми: ЭлектроэпиляцияAlmost any modern woman who strives to look great, is facing a very thorny problem. We will talk about how to remove unwanted hair from certain parts of the body, and hair removal. There are numerous treatments and ways to solve the problem of removing unwanted hairs – plasters, sugaring, pulling, and others. However, not every method will be enjoyable and effective.

Scientists of the world pondered how to facilitate the process of hair removal and how to ensure not imminent appearance of the hairs. As a result of all the thinking in the early 40-ies of the last century invented electrolysis. Perhaps this is the most effective hair removal.

What is electrolysis?

This is a very unusual and difficult method of hair removal that you will remind acupuncture. The electrolysis process takes place so that the finest needles injected at the base of hairs and these needles affect hair follicles. Once the needle touched the bulb electricity.

Процедура, которая сможет сделать вас неотразимыми: ЭлектроэпиляцияAt this stage in the development of modern cosmetology, perhaps, is the most effective way of combating hairs on the body. Follicles are destroyed by means of electrical discharge. Usually after this type of hair removal hair growth is not renewed. There are cases that the hairs grow again and it is due to activation of dormant follicles. As needed, you will be able to once again go through the procedure to remove the hairs.

What are the contraindications?

It is forbidden to carry out such a procedure during pregnancy. If there are acute and chronic skin diseases, infectious diseases, diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, varicose veins, malignant on the skin.

What are the different methods of hair removal?

There are several methods of electrolysis. For example, thermolysis. During this method, high frequency current is thermally destroyed hairs. This method takes very little time for 1-2 seconds on a hair. You will please not only the result after the procedure, but also the price.


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