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Astrology and medicine

Астрология и медицинаThe combination of astrology and medicine has a very long history, even ancient scientists tried to understand how the position of the planets affects the occurrence of epidemics and diseases, and herbal therapy was administered in accordance with the position of this or that planet. As you know, the ancient physicians-scientists did not only medicine, and astrology. For example, a well-known scientist Hippocrates claimed that it is impossible to efficiently treat people, not knowing the basics of astrology, and fighting the disease should begin only after thoroughly acquainted with the horoscope of the patient, watched that allows horoscope Aquarius or other sign to do with the health of the patient. The Hippocrates was the first to use astrological data to determine the period of the crisis of the disease.
Equally well-known scholar of astrology Roman physician Galen, the founder of the herbal medicine – get rid of the disease with the help of plant origin. As the founder of modern drug therapy, alchemist, physician, astrologer Paracelsus its treatment system built on the principles of astrological science.
Astrological medicine can not replace traditional medicine and in no way is not in contact with her. Astrology can help the doctor to select the most effective tactics and methods of treatment. Using the basics of astromeritis you can find practical advice for nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, you can choose the timely period to see a doctor, it is a favorable time for conception, to know what organ systems or organs most vulnerable at one time or another, you can plan the patient’s life, to reduce the likelihood of disease.
Most commonly, the practices of astrology in acupuncture, when performed acupuncture by pushing the energy of one body, which in excess, the body that suffers from its lack.

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